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Béchamel Mucho

Béchamel Mucho – Extricate Yourself from Failure: Innovate

Dedicated chefs and patissiers have learned all about preparation, cooking and presentation techniques for their time-honored classical and traditional recipes, such as a chocolate soufflé or a petite entree for Gruyere cheese soufflé with chives and a hint of dusted Hungarian paprika for the spiciness desired.

Perfecting an embellished cheese soufflé has all the requisites of French traditional cuisine and certain preparation skills will attain its success, however creative you want to be. Typical methods incorporate adding Parmesan crusting to the insides of your butter-swathed ramekin, along with a dash of fresh-ground nutmeg while folding in the whipped egg whites into the delicate béchamel sauce without overtaking the intended flavor of your selected cheese order.

However, as any chef will recognize, oven temperature, timing, and an overly hastened removal of your soufflé will dictate a critical assessment of the rising height and can eliminate a successful end result – an unenviable moment of soufflé interruptus, as it were. This being the probable scenario, you may be implored to prepare a re-do, a toss, or innovate your labor into working up a gratin-style meal by introducing (the favorite backup choice): Potatoes Gratin. Move your composition onto the proper baking vessel and reconstitute the béchamel for added moisture. We’ve even used pre-cooked baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, and cauliflower florets. It’s a matter of extricating yourself from failure. Time to innovate.

Recommended pairing: Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio, or perhaps a new favorite – a Royal Tokaji Essencia.