Sarasota Boutique Hotels Collection

Sarasota Boutique Hotels Collection Trademark

In 2008, Ms. McDonough undertook an intensive year-long course at the University of South Florida (Sarasota) and received her Certificate in Hotel Management with merits. As part of her research for the year, she conceived, developed, and marketed a hypothetical new hotel brand which included the formulation of a collection of independently operated boutique hotels with two properties—one by the Bay, the other to be located within the business district of downtown Sarasota.

The impact of this course of study, and eventual accreditation within the hospitality industry, became the impetus for the creation of Ms. McDonough’s consultancy efforts via Luxury Hospitality Consultants LLC.

Interested corporate parties may inquire further on the demonstration and applicability of this study vis a vis its initial placement within the Sarasota, Florida demographics, its viability, and conceptual introduction for expanded placement within similar resort-style communities. The extensive business/marketing plan is complete with placement and engagement of investor relations.

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