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Holiday Diners

Seasonal Promotions: Attracting Holiday Diners 

The infinitesimal array of serving traditional meals for the holidays is not without a frayed cook challenged by time, choice food markets to research and best pricing bids to get the best cuts in plentiful orders.

The holidays brings enticement to create buffets to feed an eagerly awaiting hotel guest who may be attending to crucial business matters and has no other familial connection to your location. Otherwise, visiting guests at your hotel may be on vacation or even attending celebratory meals with family, friends and work colleagues. Suffice it to say that on many occasions an emergency meal failure at someone’s home has no better outlet than to gather and head over to your hotel to continue the blessings of sharing the delicious holiday meal. And the hostess doesn’t have to clean up afterwards nor worry about which pet stole the turkey from the plate.

Highlight your upcoming holiday meal plan with a terrific and plentiful menu, expand your marketing for your holiday special events, and be prepared for an onslaught of diners beyond your registered hotel guests. Consider sending out early spot marketing flyers to homeowners in your region as well as email broadcasts to local companies. Aside from an expectation of gaining added dining patrons during the holidays, plan for the un-planned failures of those family events (the turkey burned in the oven, the turkey got dropped on the floor – again, and the pets look all too suspiciously close to the fallen drumstick).

Last-minute reservations are an expectation you are probably adept at handling. Create a bountiful buffet display of all things traditional for this holiday season, add a standalone display for grand salad makings, and create quite a stir with an assortment of house made soups, and artisan breads served up in an oversized pretzel bread baked cornucopia.

Here’s something for everyone, and the pets back at home can have the joy of eating your fallen turkey without the guilt.