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Sandwiches Without Bread

Making Sandwiches Without Bread – No Joke

Creative chefs have learned that in order to appeal to the masses, oftentimes by incorporating a new recipe, or just reviving an older one with slight modifications and visual appeal, it has become de rigueur to present appetizers and tapas with a touch of S.A.L.T.

Sensational salt – Bring out the allure of flavor by adding coarse pink sea salt, even using a salt block for presentation, to add visual appeal and a more flavorful appetizer of prepped oysters, buffalo shrimp and (Cape Cod Bay) scallops nesting on top of sea greens and sesame seeds.

Absolut (Mango Vodka) – Adding a fruit-flavored vodka to infuse the house-prepared mango chutney kicks up the Polynesian-style Pompano en papillote in a banana leaf wrap.

Lettuce – Making sandwiches without bread by wrapping savory chicken tandoori with couscous and garlic-toasted pinola nuts makes a perfect small plate appetizer. Present with small cocktail forks to catch every savory bite.

Traditional – Serve a traditional chilled gazpacho soup in elegant cocktail shooter glasses, topped with a pinch of delicately julienned basil leaves, a small swirl of yogurt / sour cream and a dot of peppered virgin olive oil – then toothpick the swirl into your signature topper presentation.

Dinner for two, please