Dining in Style

When your hotel experience includes elegant and unique dining options, one of the most important elements is how well you define comfort, style and premier services to your hotel guests.


Having an architecturally well-designed, freestanding restaurant set within the hotel property grounds, contributes to the deluxe attributes of your hotel. Significant attention to details may be given to professional landscaping and incorporating a focal point — such as an open gazebo, a beautifully lit oversized fountain, or even a lagoon-shaped water element with stepping stones accented by torch-lit walk-ways. This all contributes to the optimal guest experience beyond dining; it also becomes a memorable experience and captures repeat or frequent visits when returning to the hotel property on future stays.

A professionally-staffed dining room entourage from the Executive Chef, Maitre ‘D to the Waitpersons uniformed in crisp, tailored outfits contributes to the expectations your guests will appreciate. Depending on the style of dining, whether formal or island-style casual, guests should receive an appropriate and respectful salutation. Familiarity in conversation or mannerisms would not belong in this type of dining establishment.

The well-designed restaurant would incorporate an attractive and comfortable sitting area where drinks and hors d’oeuvres are served as a preamble to dinner in the main salon. Creating a relaxing environment for guests while they converse with companions or fellow guest diners creates the perfect setting.

The luxury of dining in such a complementary facility becomes one of many important focal points for ensuring the total guest experience is available. Your guests will soon become your best public relations with commendations on your service and referrals to their friends and acquaintances.

Undoubtedly, a return visit to your fine dining establishment by your guests – whether during the remainder of their stay at your hotel or during a future visit down the road (and accompanied by more friends and family) – is the expectation that service will have remained at its premium and superb level. This will become one of the many important facets your Hotel Manager will need to oversee.

When dining in style, your guests should expect the following:

  • Quality Service
  • Excellence in Food Preparation 
  • Superb Menu Selections
  • Attractive Facilities 
  • Ambience – Lighting, Décor, Music