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A Review of the Derry Church Artisan Chocolates Specialty Ganache Bars

Conducted by Luxury Hospitality Consultants LLC  –  Sarasota, Florida – May 2010

At the request of Executive Pastry Chef & Chocolatier Eric Cayton to conduct a courtesy peer review of his new-to-market specialty Ganache Bars, we are pleased to submit our comments. We received three selections consisting of a delectable variety of hand-made chocolates which are identified as follows:

The Lyon Bar (a combination cream ganache of 85% & 72% cacao, enrobed in a 72% Arriba couverture, dusted with a superb Swiss cocoa powder). Our impression is that this particular item will not appeal to all chocolate consumers, particularly those with unsophisticated palettes. The cocoa powder covering created a unique consistency; however, the full flavor of this particular bar is not fully realized until you have taken several bites. It is simple yet elegant in its composition with a very pleasing finish. The ganache was a delectable component and was well complemented by the lightly-coated Swiss cocoa powder.

The Burlington Bar (100% Vermont maple syrup reduction and roasted pecans in a 38% Maracaibo Criolet cream ganache, enrobed in a deep milk chocolate couverture). This particular bar was actually our first tasting. The pecan toppers provided the complimentary flavor and texture but were not overpowering. The ganache, again, was of a desirable and pleasing consistency with a very pleasant aftertaste. This particular bar would likely be more suitable to mainstream chocolate consumers.

The Veracruz Bar (pure Mexican vanilla beans in a 36% Edelweiss white chocolate cream ganache, enrobed in 72% Arriba bittersweet chocolate). This unique and enticing combination of ingredients provides a delectable contrast and, more importantly, exhibits a stalwart effort by its creator to interplay varietal chocolates into a single bar. An appreciable audience of chocolate lovers will find this particular bar a favorite for its composition, texture and unique finish.

These items are ideal for the Executive VIP meetings and convention market and other hotel on-site guest amenities.

Personally, I would like to see the ganache bars pre-cut or at least sectioned off into more nimble bite-size portions.

In summary, these three Ganache Bars are distinct by virtue of their all-natural ingredients and a testament to the passion and talent of a true chocolatier in their creation. We find they will market well not only to chocolate aficionados but also to the masses.

Based on our tasting group responses, they should be well received.

Executive Pastry Chef & Chocolatier

DerryChurch Artisan Chocolates LLC

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Executive Pastry Chef & Chocolatier at Derry

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