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The Essencia Experience

The Essencia Experience Wine so precious you drink it with a crystal spoon – Essencia is in my Life This was certainly the most exquisite way to start the New Year. Tasting the Royal Tokaji Essencia from its traditional crystal spoon had me wondering less about its pricey interruption to my budget than its overall unique flavoring, tending more towards the classic dessert wines like Croft Porto Vintage (a coffee-infused delicacy), Penfolds Grandfather Rare Tawny Port (tasting a delicate ambience of crushed nuts, raisins with a slight essence of vanilla bean), Les Clos de Papulilles Banyuls Rimage (a Grenache from France, my favorite region). I generally shy away from the overuse of Sauternes (blending French Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc and Muscatel grapes) as I’ve over-consumed this for the past 48 years with well-meaning aficionados and relatives whom you could not distract or recommend otherwise – so, I have acquiesced far too long. I have found there is honor in saying “no mas” and trying out a (new to me) wildly luxurious blend. I’m not sure whether I was …

Béchamel Mucho

Béchamel Mucho – Extricate Yourself from Failure: Innovate Dedicated chefs and patissiers have learned all about preparation, cooking and presentation techniques for their time-honored classical and traditional recipes, such as a chocolate soufflé or a petite entree for Gruyere cheese soufflé with chives and a hint of dusted Hungarian paprika for the spiciness desired.