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Meg McDonough, President of Luxury Hospitality Consultants LLC

We are pleased to introduce a new Contributor to Meg McDonough, President of Luxury Hospitality Consultants LLC, will share regular insights on luxury resorts, boutique hotels and international dining with our members and readers.

Kathleen Hogan MBA, Publisher,

Meg grew up in Havana, Cuba, and came to appreciate at an early age the diversity of dining in an international setting as the island cultivated not only its own flavors indigenous to the area but was also home to people from all over the world who brought their own food styles with them.  Family travel throughout Europe added exposure to some of the world’s finest hotels and provided an endless array of important recollections respecting service, quality hospitality performance and fine dining within beautiful settings. Her career included service to the Dean at Harvard as assistant to the Director of the Kennedy Institute of Politics for four years, followed by a ten-year affiliation at The Architects Collaborative, as secretary to the president, and later with subsequent placement in prominent positions in corporate America working with various presidents and CEOs.

Ms. McDonough is a licensed real estate sales associate in Florida and a Realtor. She had the unique experience of working with a prominent American family on their three sizeable estates in Sarasota. The property, along with the formal household staff of 18, was considered optimally as a “small resort” and for which all operating procedures were accommodated as though it were a high-end boutique hotel.

In 2008, Ms. McDonough completed a one-year comprehensive program at the University of South Florida and received her Certificate in Hotel Management. As part of her research, she conceived, developed, and marketed a hypothetical new hotel brand that included the formulation of a collection of independently operated boutique hotels with two properties—one by the Bay, the other to be located within the business district of downtown Sarasota. The impact of this course of study, and eventual accreditation within the hospitality industry, became the impetus for the creation of Ms. McDonough’s consultancy efforts via Luxury Hospitality Consultants LLC


As a new contributor to Meg McDonough identifies the basis of her educational research while attending the University of South Florida (Sarasota) where she received her Certificate in Hotel Management in December 2008. The first in a three-part series “Punitive Damages Affiliated with Hotel Management Agreements” summarizes five case studies in recent law dealing with the complex scenario of agency relationship and fiduciary responsibilities. The most prominent of these cases is the P.T. Karang Mas Sejahtera v. Marriott International Inc., et al. as it significantly employed the awarding of US $10 million to the Ritz-Carlton Bali owners. [An appeal of this case had not yet been reached at the time of this writing.]
Please visit the Punitive Damages Series written Meg McDonough on this website.