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Zagat is Calling – Are You Ready? You’ve set up your F&B budget for the year based on expected inflows and outflows for operating your dining establishment at the hotel in a profitable mode. However, you relied on economic trends from previous years (lean and getting leaner) and forgot to include one of your most important expenses – marketing your operation.


Welcome to my Complimentary Webpage Presenting Derry Church Artisan Chocolates A Review of the Derry Church Artisan Chocolates Specialty Ganache Bars Conducted by Luxury Hospitality Consultants LLC  –  Sarasota, Florida – May 2010 At the request of Executive Pastry Chef & Chocolatier Eric Cayton to conduct a courtesy peer review of his new-to-market specialty Ganache Bars, we are pleased to submit our comments. We received three selections consisting of a delectable variety of hand-made chocolates which are identified as follows: The Lyon Bar (a combination cream ganache of 85% & 72% cacao, enrobed in a 72% Arriba couverture, dusted with a superb Swiss cocoa powder). Our impression is that this particular item will not appeal to all chocolate consumers, particularly those with unsophisticated palettes. The cocoa powder covering created a unique consistency; however, the full flavor of this particular bar is not fully realized until you have taken several bites. It is simple yet elegant in its composition with a very pleasing finish. The ganache was a delectable component and was well complemented by the …