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Seeking to Develop an Independent Boutique Hotel Collection I started my project with the simplest observation I could make and that was by viewing and experiencing the appeal of resort-style hospitality here in Sarasota, Florida. Our town definitely offers a little bit of paradise for every type of visitor – national and international – and I felt there was sufficient opportunity to appeal to this audience. In addition to adhering to the real estate adage “location, location, location,” I was determined to include “variety and diversity” in the types of foods we would offer. Our on-site signature restaurant would have met the location requisite; however, in order to assume we could also provide variety and diversity within the F&B operations, I was compelled to take our hotel culture to the next level beyond the formal service available to our specialty dining and private club. We tested our concept at a local private country club to observe and retrain our thinking about what it was our patrons might want that was different yet convivial. We found …

HRB News Today

Hotel, Restaurant & Bar News Kerfuffle in the Kitchen On April 1, 2013, in Boutique Hotels, effective marketing, kitchen, motivation, public relations,, by Meg McDonough Volunteering to service outside of one’s ordinary station, regardless of managerial hierarchy is called “Snap”. Stormy Weather Plans On March 26, 2013, in Banquet & Catering, Catering Kitchen, Emergency Kitchen Plans, kitchen,, SOP Storm Plans, by Meg McDonough During a “big storm” the dining event may well be your most important role – and the most appreciated and memorable experience your guests will ever encounter.  Don’t Follow the Lemmings Over This Fiscal Cliff  On February 7, 2013, in Cyber critiques, Management, managerial leadership qualities, People & Productivity, by Meg McDonough “Get it right the first time” should be the motto across the board. When repeat poor service occurs, it just lowers the standards and morale of the operations and, not surprisingly, the business suffers.  Focus on the Focus Group Surveys On February 5, 2013, in Boutique Hotels, focus group, Management, monitoring quality,, Surveys, by Meg McDonough Demand to be the best and demonstrate your willingness to change for the best and experience improvement in your F&B operations. Guard Your …

Promoting Hospitality

Partners in Promoting the Hospitality Industry Our primary focus is on performing functional assessments to your existing operations, identifying areas for strategic improvement and performance. We calibrate in-house management operations to determine best professional policies and procedures are in place. We review human resources and related incentive programs to determine employee interaction with management and guests is at relegated optimum levels and maintained. We conduct an internal and external audit of corporate management controls and performance level measurements, taking into account proposed and viable solutions are attainable and within the scope of your business model. Finally, we provide a comprehensive report based upon our conclusions and supply recommendations towards effective impact towards improvement guidelines, and seeking to identify positive-growth potential and an in-depth analysis within each department of your operation.